The September 9, 1999 Meeting

by Al Bradley

We set another attendance record tonight with 31 people congregating at Rush Street Grill in Kingsport. Among those were visitors Mickey and Sally Lou Muse (MGB) and Mark Halback (Spitfire), who all joined the club before the meeting was over. We must have done something right! This record will be a hard one to beat.

President Rich Williams reminded all of us of the Get Together event to take place during the coming weekend. There was a large show of hands when Rich polled those present about attendance at the GT. See next column for a report of that event.

Dave Valentine reported that he and member Larry Elswick were discussing costs for polo shirts and maybe caps bearing the ABCS identity and that we would be informed of the details at a future meeting.

The next drive was agreed to be the annual trek to Middlesboro, KY on Sunday, September 26. Apparently, the Car Show/Air Show of the past is no longer taking place, but Dick Williams has arranged to get our cars parked in front of the hangars with the P-38 that was excavated from the glacier. It is always a great trip. The group will depart from Rush Street at 8:00 AM, stop for breakfast and travel via routes 11 and 25 to Middlesboro.

Conducting the program for the October meeting will be Mitch Bowerly of Alley's Jaguar and will, I hear, be about the new Jaguar S Type. Arrangements are being sought to travel to a car museum for the November meeting but this will be announced later.

The program tonight was given by Mark Whitt on everyone's favorite topic; The SU carburetor. This is a company that started out making shoes and naturally worked its way up to carburetors! Mark demonstrated the various types of SU carburetors and the devices used to tune said carburetors, like the ubiquitous Uni-Syn, and others including the Color Tune sparkplug, which, he says, works great. Mark recommended using 20W or 30W oil in the dashpots (ATF is "too thin").

Mark also spent a lot of time on basic carburetor cleanliness, using commercial spray carburetor cleaner (or WD-40) and ultrafine steel wool on the pistons and piston housings. One interesting test was a check of how fast the piston will fall from the carburetor housing. The piston should drop at a slow steady pace - a piston falling too rapidly indicates wear of those surfaces and will require replacement.

We all thoroughly enjoyed Mark's presentation and we certainly appreciate Mark's willingness to do so.

The meeting over, everyone adjourned to the parking lot to look at - what else? - British Cars.

8th Annual Get Together

8th Annual Get Together Event a Successful One. Just when you think it can't get any better; it does! Sunday the 12th turned out to be a gorgeous day with lots of sun, yet cool. British Sports Car weather, indeed.

The photo, above, represents a small fraction of the 28 British cars that were in attendance at the GT. We were most gratified that several members of the Blount British Car Club joined us.

It was probably the most successful Get Together that the ABCS has ever had! Even the auction went well - there were no fights! One of the most popular auction items was a miniature replica of the new Jaguar S- Type that sold to John Baldridge.