The October 14, 1999 Meeting

by Al Bradley

Jaguars were the center of attention tonight as we highlighted the new Jaguar S-Type at this meeting. Mitch Bowerly of Alleys Jaguar in Kingsport even brought one to the meeting for us to look over. We had lots of club members' Jaguars in attendance to look at as well - Dick Williams' E-Type, Rich Williams' XK-150, Jane Ogle's V-12 XJS, Charles Algood's XK-140 and Gerald Mitchell's XJ. We also were treated with a safari of Rovers, courtesy of David Gage and Bob Strang. David Wallace came from Abingdon in his rare and very nice MGA coupe. Also, lo and behold, a Sunbeam turned up in our midst! New member Donna Smith of Kingsport brought her yellow Sunbeam Alpine for us to look at. The parking lot was again full of great British cars - winter must be coming!

Mitch Bowerly did a great job of hawking the new Jaguar for Alley's Jaguar, considering that he's part of the technical staff and doesn't work on the sales end of the operation. That meant that Mitch was very knowledgeable in the areas that we wanted to know about. Mitch started off by saying that Ford had saved Jaguar financially, and, but for Ford's intervention, there would be no new Jaguar model to talk about. He expressed his happiness that Jaguar actually had a marketable product to offer for sale now. Jaguar had always manufactured pretty cars, but has previously lacked the funds for development and technology additions.

Mitch explained that the beautiful V-8 engine in this car was actually a Jaguar product although developed using Ford's plants and equipment. Mitch also said that, for Alley's part, they replaced brakes, changed oil and tires when necessary and that was all most of the latest jaguars ever require. On several occasions Mitch invited us all to come drive the car and see for ourselves how well the new cats behave. President Rich Williams announced that he had selected the nominating committee for selecting officers for the upcoming year and that these were; Dave Valentine, Herren Floyd and Luisa Bolyard.

Next month's meeting will be different. We will meet at the Hardees Restaurant in Piney Flats, TN, and depart from there at 6:30 PM for a car museum located nearby.


Also from Rich Williams: I'm requesting car pictures for the web site from all members. If your car is on blocks, take a picture anyway. I would say all our cars have been on blocks, in barns, under trees, etc. - it goes with oil leaks ! If you have more than one car, send more pictures.

Plans for the December 9 ABCS Christmas Party

The ABCS announces plans for the Annual Christmas Party to be held on the regular club meeting day that falls on December 9 of this year.

President Richard Williams has announced that the party will be in the same format as usual - everyone brings a gift of $10 value or less.

The resulting gifts all get piled up and handed out, after which there is some kind of free-for-all during which everyone steals everyone else's gift!

It is madness that only the A B C S could come up with, but so far, at least, no fights have broken out!

The Rush Street Grill promises to have a wonderful (read 'limited') menu for the occasion consisting of your choice of 3 dishes, all of which I am sure will be wonderful in the Rush Street tradition!

Since we are early in our planning for the Annual A B C S Christmas Party, plan some yourself and attend this event on December 9!