The October 8, 1998 Meeting

This general meeting was held at the Rush Street Grill in Kingsport, Tennessee.


Fourteen of us made it in to the October meeting. President Herren Floyd reminded those present that he had appointed a committee in accordance with the Club's by-laws to present a slate of officers at the November meeting, to be voted on at the December meeting. That committee consists of James Childress, Carl Floyd and Al Bradley. At both the November and December meetings nominations will be taken from the general membership, if there are any. If anyone wishes to volunteer for one of these jobs, he or she may also contact any of the committee members named above.

We were reminded of the Rascals Teen Center Car Show in Kingsport that many of us are helping with. The next item was a reminder of the Inter Club picnic at Panther Creek Park on October 17.

Four of our members, Richard Williams, Dick Williams, Gerald Mitchell and Ben Bailey came away from the Sevierville Car Show with trophies. The classes there were very competitive at Sevierville and there were exotic cars such as Ferraris and Maseratis exhibited.

The trip to Middlesboro was discussed. We were joined by members of the Porsche Club and the Knoxville English Car Society so that about twenty people all descended on poor Middlesboro at the same time! The P-38, "Glacier Girl", is making great progress, but will require an estimated two more years of work before completion. Some photos of the sights were passed around for all to see as well as photos of the August trip to Grayson Highlands State Park.

Ben Bailey's program tonight consisted of slides he had taken in the 60's of sports car events around the general area and beyond. A lot of the photos were taken of trips by the old Sequoia Car Club of which Ben and Clarence Goodson were members.

The slides amazed us all at the types and quality of cars that were visible at various events. Porsches, Lotus, Elvas, all were seen at the Chimney Rock (NC) Hillclimb. Scarab, Lotus Elite, A C Ace, Cooper Formula Junior cars were seen at Virginia International Raceway near Danville.

Also featured prominently in Ben's slide program were the cars of the old Sequoia Club members such as Clarence's nice new TR-3, Ben's own Sunbeam Alpine, a TR-2, a Healey 100, and other "modern" sports cars then belonging to the club members. These cars were shown in various places that the club had visited such as The Breaks Interstate Park and, of course, the racing events previously mentioned.

It was a nice demonstration of the cars that we consider to be 'classics' now in their elements and in use by their owners as daily transport and for the occasional sporting event.

Thanks, Ben, for a well done and interesting program that we all were able to appreciate.