The November 12, 1998 Meeting

Eighteen of us assembled at Rush Street Grill for the regular meeting on 12 November, 1998. Among this number were several visitors including Luther Kane and two sons; Jacob and Josh, and Roger Boggs.

The list of proposed new officers for 1999 is as follows:

President- Richard Williams
Vice President- Allen Calcote
Treasurer- Al Bradley
Secretary- Chris Bordwine

Proposed Committee Chairmen for 1998 are:

Driving Activities- Bud Shinall
Newsletter- Al Bradley

Please give these guys your continued support. According to the By-Laws, after requesting nominations from the floor at the December meeting, the offices are voted on.

The report from the IntraClub picnic at Panther Creek Park was that it was a great big hit! 27 cars made it and they were very nice ones, too, from all accounts. We hope to repeat this event next year. Next month's meeting on 10 December will be the A B C S Christmas party. This will be, as usual, at the Rush Street Grill in Kingsport. Members are reminded to bring a $10.00 gift for exchanging.

Bud Shinall did the program once again on this night. Bud explained that he and Regina had experienced a bunch of problems with his newly-refurbished MGB on the IntraClub event outing. It was thanks to Richard Williams and Bill and Luisa Bolyard, he had made it home. It also helped that Bud had brought along a spare fuel pump on this trip. So, it had occurred to Bud that we should discuss what were those things that we ALWAYS carried in our cars for emergencies.

The answers proved interesting and educational:

Ben Bailey suggested that shoe laces were very important. It seems that he and his wife were returning home late at night when it began to rain and of course the windshield wipers refused to budge. He and his wife tied his shoe laces to the wipers and, in alternating motions, made the wipers work manually!

Clarence Goodson said that the starter would never work on his old TR-3, so he carried the hand crank everywhere and became very proficient at its operation!

Allen Calcote always carries a spare axle for his MG-TD.

Bill Bolyard stated that duct tape will fix anything!

Roger Boggs stated the best emergency measure was his wife following behind in the Ford Taurus!

Thanks, Bud.

11/22 Impromptu Sunday Drive. by Carl Floyd

The weather cooperated; sunny, low in the mid 50's. We had 9 LBC's & 1 SOB meet at Rush Street. 5 couples (6 if you count Ben and Clarence). Alan & Margaret, Herren & Otti, Bill & Lou, Richard & Sue, Gerald & Becky, Ben & Clarence, Bud, Chris Bordwine, Dick Williams, and myself. Pretty good turnout! WHERE'S AL?

Bud's MG has still got some intermittent bugs and was missing on the way down so he bowed out and headed home the way he arrived -- topless. Just a few miles into our journey Bill's TR4 started running rough. He said if it didn't clear out, he was going to limp home. As we traveled down John B. Dennis highway, I noticed the little red Triumph make a U-turn. And then there were 7 LBCs. WHERE'S AL?

We motored down thru Wadlow Gap over to Gate City and took the old road down past the infamous Hob Nob Drive-in and came back out onto US23 at Speers Ferry. We continued north toward Duffield, but soon turned left onto 600 to enjoy one of my favorite routes to Sneedville,TN. As I'm making this left and checking my mirror to see that we still have everyone, a red LBC pulls up behind Alan & Margaret's SOB. It seems Bills TR4 straightened out about half way home (foulled plug from excessive choke) and they turned around and caught us as we peeled off the beaten pass for the boonies! Narrowly escaping the Blue Lights I might add. And then there were 8 LBC's. WHERE'S AL?

We tooled along 600 until we came back into TN and followed 33 along the river and by an Ostrich farm over to Kyles Ford. From there we turned north on 70 and motored back into Virgina to Blackwater,VA. There's a country store/PostOffice with two gas pumps that don't work and a whole lot of countryside. Everyone stretched their legs and bought Moon Pies to snack on. Alan got out his map and said where are we? I said " I don't know". WHERE"S AL?

After we had seen ALL of Blackwater. actually that's all there was, we drove over the mountain to Jonesville, VA. There we picked up 58 and headed to Duffield for coffee at Hardee's. Everyone seemed to enjoy the drive. In spite of the fact that I didn't know where we were going 'til I pulled out of the parking lot. All in all a great day for driving around in the country. A bit warmer and we all could have gone topless! HAS ANYONE SEEN AL?