The May 13, 1999 Meeting

by Al Bradley

There were 28 of us present at this regular meeting including 5 ladies. This is a record for attendance at an ABCS meeting! There were also lots of British cars in the parking lot tonight, the thunderstorm notwithstanding. We also met our new members, Dick & Iris Davis of Kingsport, who have a nice Healey tricarb.

There was much excitement in the report from the Townsend Car Show. This show just gets bigger and better every year. Congratulations to Gerry Mitchell for his FIRST place in the very large Jaguar class at Townsend.

The club agreed to try the following policy for drives this summer. All drives will be held on the 2nd Saturday and the 4th Sunday of the month. The Saturday drives will meet early at 8:00 AM, departing at 9:00. Sunday drives will begin at 1:00 PM, departing at 2:00 PM. Notification of places and any changes of times will be given in advance either in the newsletter or at the meeting preceding the event. The June 12 driving event will meet at the Mountaineer Restaurant in Church Hill TN at 800 AM. The June 27 driving event will meet at the Airport Cracker Barrel Restaurant (I-81 Exit 63) at 1:00 PM.

The subject of the club sponsoring a car show for British Cars was broached. This was left for future consideration.

Tom Buchanan very ably conducted the program this night with his artist's palette and suitable colors to regale us with. Tom demonstrated to all of us that our color wheel that we learned in the 6th grade was not exactly accurate. Tom has done extensive study of the combinations of colors and was able to put that to recent use when his paint supplier was unable to duplicate the correct colors for his MGB. As an artist, Tom could appreciate that the blended colors of paints supplied to him for his car were inevitably the wrong shade of Lime yellow (Citonella). He demonstrated to us all that there were actually two shades of red - Alizarine (crimson) and cadmium (scarlet). Likewise there are two shades of yellow - Cadmium and Lemon and two shades of blue - Ultramarine and Thalo. They break down as follows:

Alizarine red Leans toward blue
Cadmium red Leans toward yellow
Cadmium yellow Leans toward red
Lemon yellow Leans toward blue
Ultramarine blue Leans toward red
Thalo blue Leans toward green

Tom's paint supplier was using the wrong shade of yellow to try to make the greenish yellow color that was available on the MGB. He soon realized that this was the case and ordered the correct colors to mix and made the correct color by himself! The description here does not match the demonstration that Tom gave but it was a very informative session for us all. Thanks to you, Tom for the help!

Bentley Announces New Project

Bentley, after announcing its separation from Rolls Royce, has also developed its own project car. Known as "Hunaudieres", after a section of the Le Mans race track, the project harks back to the Bentleys of old in its specifications. The Hunaudieres car features a 16 cylinder engine that reportedly produces over 600 bhp and well in excess of 700 lbs. ft. torque! W. O. Bentley himself would be proud of this car! The recently announced prototype Bentley car shown at the recent Geneva Auto Show features a full-time 4WD system and appears to be intended for sale in the U S market.