The July 9, 1998 Meeting

This general meeting was held at the Rush Street Grill in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Eighteen of us gathered at Rush Street for the monthly meeting, President Herren Floyd presiding. We had one guest, Alan Mackenna, who has a TR-6.

There was some discussion of various events taking place in July. Among those was the Fun Fest Rally which, so far, has only one British Car entered - Bill Bolyard's TR-4. A couple of others indicated an interest in adding some competition. The Fun Fest Car Show was discussed and a Cumberland Gap Car Show, both on the same day.

August 9 is the Virginia Highlands Festival Car Show in Abingdon.

Lots of other upcoming events were discussed. On August 15, the Club will once again make a pilgrimage to Grayson Highlands State Park. We will meet at 8:00 AM at the I-81 Exit 19 (Abingdon Exit) Cracker Barrel restaurant for breakfast and depart directly from there at 9:00 AM. Members should bring a picnic lunch with them since we usually do some hiking and looking around while there. Last year there was a $3.00 per car charge for entry into the park.

The annual Get Together club picnic event is scheduled for 13 September at Warrior's Path State Park in Kingsport. This event is always a real blast for everyone.

26 September is the date for the Sevierville Car Show.

The Middlesboro trip is scheduled for 3 October, with a Car Show and an Air Show both taking place on that day. That is always a fun trip that many members take each year. We will meet at Rush Street Grill in Kingsport at 8:45 AM and stop for breakfast at the Overlook Restaurant (9:00 or so) on the way to Middlesboro.

We are working on inviting other area British Car Clubs to join us in some mutual fun and games in October and the details of this are still being arranged.

Allen Calcote once again filled in a program using a videotape of a model engine show held annually in Wyandotte, Michigan, There were many, many operating engines shown from aircraft engines (including one pulse-jet engine that operates) to tiny tractors that you can hold in your hand. It is really amazing the diversity of these things. There were tiny hit-and-miss engines and larger steam locomotives that ten people could ride on. One hit with many of the club members was an eight cylinder Ford flathead engine the size of a toaster that actually ran. It even sounded real, but small! There were no models of a BritCar engine displayed, although there was a Ferrari 12 cylinder engine in evidence.

Carl Floyd says that Allen Calcote has the hardest job that the club has to offer in trying to get us to concentrate and come up with programs and - you know - he's right!