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1972 MG Midget

" All I have done to it is clean it up, put new tires on it, and recently my father and I removed the radiator to see if the engine was free which it is and is still full of oil. The pics under the hood were taken a week or so ago and show the radiator removed but I plan to reinstall it one evening this week. The radiator and everything under the hood doesn’t look too bad except for the electrical which looks shot to me. It appears the original owner must have had 2 engines at some point as you can tell from the spare parts pics. The floor pans and trunk compartment are too far gone to save. The wheels have some rust but could be restored. The interior is not worth saving at all in my opinion. The top also needs to be replaced but I believe the top mechanism is in pretty good shape as is all the glass." $1,750 (very negotiable) Contact Brian Furrow via email or phone (276) 679-4525 (Home) or (276) 219-3656 (Cell).