The August 12, 1999 Meeting

by Al Bradley

22 of us actually arrived at the August meeting at Rush Street Grill. President Rich Williams inquired about the present location of the old name tags. Will whoever has them please raise your hand?

Ben Bailey reported that the two drives last month went well. The 1st Saturday drive ended up going to the Breaks Interstate Park and, while things were a bit wet, it was fun. Last month's Sunday drive started in Rogersville, TN and went via Sneadville TN over to Duffield, VA.

Drives this month include the annual pilgrimage to Grayson Highlands State Park on the 14th and the second trip was announced to leave the Sears parking lot at the Johnson City Mall at 8:30 AM on 22 August. No destination for that trip was announced, but it is sure to be a fun one.

On the subject of drives, Rich announced that the Knoxville Austin- Healey Club had scheduled a drive over the Cherohala Parkway in October. This event will leave at 11:00 AM sharp from the Alcoa, TN WalMart(1 mile South of the airport on right), travel 411 West to 129 South to Robbinsville, NC to this Parkway. ALL BRITCARS ARE INVITED.

The program at this meeting was very ably done by Dave Valentine who has recently traveled to Australia with others on behalf of Rotary Clubs International. Apparently, Dave spent lots of his time while there as and in New Zealand searching for British and older American Cars.

The results of this trip were very interesting to all of us. Dave had photos that he passed around, including one of a 'mystery car' and slides that he showed of the many great old cars that he saw while there.

Among the cars Dave found were a '36 Morris, '76 Bentley, '65 Jaguar Mk II, '53 Citroen, '74 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, '50 Jaguar XK- 120, '60 XK-150S, '63 Jaguar saloon, something called an Alois, '37 Jaguar SS, Jaguar Mk V saloon, '35 SSI Jaguar, 1912 Belize, Jaguar Mk IX, Messerschmidt FMR, '79 MGB/GT, Canadian manufactured '25 Dodge, something called a Huber, '61 Studebaker, 1925 Essex, plus LOTS of others.

Since many of the cars were located in a restoration shop for sale, the car prices were interesting, too. A sampling of these included an '84 Morgan with 9,000 miles for $40,000, a '67 Aston Martin for $32,000, and the 'mystery car', a '39 Triumph Dolomite, for $13,000.

One of the other interesting items that Dave found there was a map of the world featuring the South Pole at the top! As Dave said, "Everything was upside-down and backwards"!

We thank Dave for his presentation and for the interesting e- mail reports that he sent along while there. Short of actually going, this was the next best thing.

The Grayson Highlands Drive

We all met "Killer" Shinall Grayson Highlands Drive was fun The annual trip to Grayson Highlands state Park was again lots of fun. Eight Britcars and one other car made the pilgrimage this year. Among those in attendance and driving their British cars were Ben Bailey (MGB), Clarence Goodson (MGB), David Wallace (MGB), Bud and Regina Shinall with "Killer", aka Milly (MGB), Chris and Janet Bordwine (TR-6), Allen McKenna (TR-6), Dick Williams (MG-TD), and your editor (Austin-Healey 3000).

Among the items to report include the fact that it DID NOT RAIN this year, we all ate lunch in one of the shelters conveniently reserved by the club, and there just weren't many people in that park for a pretty Saturday. Several of the members who spent some time outside reporting seeing deer wandering around!