The August 13, 1998 Meeting

This general meeting was held at the Rush Street Grill in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Rush Street Grill managed to contain twenty-one of us at the August meeting. We were all glad to see returning members Gordon Porter and Jim and Caffie West at this meeting. We also found two brand new members in Jesse Guy of Blountville and Allen McKenna of Bristol. Jesse has a 1980 MGB and Allen owns a 1973 TR-6. WELCOME TO YOU ALL.

President Herren Floyd reminded all of us of the upcoming trip to Grayson Highlands State Park and of the 7th Annual Get Together picnic on Duck Island at Warrior's Path State Park, near Kingsport, to be held on September 13. This GT event will have an auction of items supplied by many contributors including British Wire Wheel, Hemmings Motor News Magazine, British Car Magazine, and many others and is always a lot of fun. The club will supply the hamburgers, hot dogs and other goodies; just bring a dish along with you and enjoy yourselves.

September 26 is the Sevierville Car Show. On 3 October, we will tour to Middlesboro, KY where there is both a car show and an air show taking place. Club members will meet at 7:45 AM at Rush Street Grill; by 9:00 we will stop for breakfast at the Overlook Restaurant. There is also more discussion going on of a possible outing with some other area car clubs in October, but the date is not set. This would likely take place at Panther Creek Park on hwy. 11E near Morristown.

With the business stuff out of the way, our program was done very capably by Carl Floyd. Carl discussed for us the attempts to convert MGBs to V-8 engines by British Leyland and others. Apparently, this was all begun by a man named Ken Costello in England. Ken Costello discovered that an aluminum V-8 engine made by Rover (originally a Buick engine) could be made to fit in the MGB and he converted some 200 of them before British Leyland called him in to help them do the same. BL then used Costello's knowledge and undertook the manufacture of MGB-V8s themselves, pushing Costello out of the picture. Very few of these V-8 cars actually made it to the U. S.

This past July, Carl drove his (still for now inline 4 cylinder) MGB to Annapolis MD to attend a meeting of the MGB-V8 group that consists of one legitimate MGB-V8, one original Costello conversion car and several homebuilts. Needless to say, Carl returned all fired up to convert his own MGB to V8 power and is currently looking for a suitable Rover engine, preferably a 3.9 liter one. We looked at slides and videotapes of the Annapolis meeting. One interesting feature of the videotape was a drive around Summit Point Raceway in one of the V8 cars. Carl participated in this drive with them and actually accounted for himself very well, considering the powerful company he was in.

Great job, Carl and thanks!