Drive to Elizabethton's Covered Bridge (6-22-02)

Margaret & Allen Calcote

The ABCS driving season for 2003 officially started on Saturday, March 29. Two MGBs, a Jaguar and one SOB (Some Other Brand) left Rush Street promptly at 10:00 AM and motored to Johnson City and were joined by another MG and a Land Rover. With Eddie Penland in the lead, the entourage motored to "Betsy Town", (Elizabethton) via Watauga and Turkey Town. A fine herd of Holstein cows was seen in Turkey Town, but not a single turkey.

We arrived in Elizabethton and immediately found a Coffee Shoppe where some members could be refueled. After a bit of antique shopping, who should appear but our esteemed president and his lovely wife. We all enjoyed a tasty lunch at Duck Duck Goose, a delightful deli in an antique shop.

After lunch we tried to go to the hardware store, but found it had closed at noon. Our next stop was the covered bridge.

We drove through the bridge,

then stopped for picture taking.

A few hardy souls, not to be outdone, drove to Hampton to shop at Brown's Hardware, which was open. It was well worth the drive.

The day was chilly and the rain provided a test for the MG's, but Ben Bailey, David Bettis, Gael and Kathy Bright, Allen and Margaret Calcote, Gerald and Becky Mitchell, Eddie Penland and Bud and Regina Shinall all had a great time.

Photographs by Eddie Penland