The May 14, 1998 Meeting

This general meeting was held at the Rush Street Grill in Kingsport, Tennessee. These proceedings were ably reported by our own personal member of the press, Al Bradley.....

You could easily tell that this was the first time that the sun had been out in a month. We had sixteen members and EIGHT British cars in attendance at tonight's meeting, most of which were Jaguars. We also found three new members in Tom Buchanan of Piney Flats, Ben Bailey and Clarence Goodson both of Johnson City. Welcome to all three of you!

    Richard Williams ably conducted the meeting on this night. Things started off with a discussion of two recent events. The Townsend car show was the best ever this year and featured more Triumphs than anyone had ever seen in one place. Also present at Townsend was Mr. Gerry Coker, the designer of many of the Austin-Healey cars. The Tazewell trip last month was also a hit. Mr. McCann, who has the collection, displayed 94 old cars including lots of cars made by Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Stutz and many other American cars. The open review of Mr. McCann's collection lasted from about 11:15 to 3:00 and included lunch and music! Richard noted that the next meeting will involve a trip to a machine shop and so the meeting time is changed to 6:30 PM.

    Carl Floyd introduced Tom Buchanan as the brave soul who had volunteered to establish a 'website' for the club and, thus, an Internet presence. Tom will get to work on it right away and there were numerous donations of materials offered from the membership. Further details of this undertaking will be given at a later meeting.

    The program tonight was a very interesting account done by Everett Bond of his trip to Ireland from England in the company of Dave Valentine with their families. They had made this pilgrimage in the 70s, while Everett was living in England, and the resulting slides and accounts were fantastic. It was during this time that Everett found and bought his 1947 MGTC that he shipped back to the US when he returned. Everett also brought several items with him for our viewing, including a tin of DUCKHAM'S GREASE, proving that it does [or did] exist!

    The slides of England and Ireland were wonderful, even considering how gracefully these two ABCS members have aged in the intervening twenty years. The trip took our intrepid travelers from the west coast of England to the east coast of Ireland by ferry boat. They used Everett's two cars- a Morris 1100 and an MGB-GT as their means of transportation around England and Ireland. Thanks, Everett, for a fun time!