The March 10, 1999 Meeting

by Al Bradley

Eighteen of us made it to Rush Street Grill where we found some new members, including Larry Elswick of Pikeville, KY as well as David Gage and Bob Strang, both from Kingsport. Thanks, guys, it is good to have you with us! Larry has a newly acquired Triumph Spitfire. David and Bob both own Landrovers, while David also owns a super nice Healey.

The programs for the next few meetings will be as follows:

April Ben Bailey Daytona
May Tom Buchanan Paint colors
June Clarence Goodson Photos
July David Valentine T B A

President Richard Williams stated that he knew of an '88 model Landrover for sale for $7,800 if anyone was interested. You can always contact Rich if you are looking for a Rover.

Other items of discussion included a proposed trip to Shady Valley, TN via Route 421 from Bristol. We will meet at the Virginia Welcome Center on I-81 at 1:00 PM on 28 March. Other trip ideas were discussed, as well. There will be several so watch the ABCS web site for notice of them.

Business was kept to a minimum at this meeting because we were traveling. We arranged to meet at the Veterinary Clinic at Church Hill and most of us even managed to do so.

From there, we proceeded to the D & D Rod and Custom Shop. At D & D, we met Bucky Doran and Leon Doran, who proceeded to show us some of the fancy vehicles on the premises. For openers, the premises was very clean - there were no British cars around to leak oil on the floors there! An amazing looking Model T rod greeted us in the foyer along with a couple of other works in progress.

We had a look at the fabrication room where they do lots of bodywork with only a minimal number of tools, most of which were manually operated. There were several other projects in the shop area including a '57 Chevy being restored and a '31 Chevy coupe getting the hot rod treatment.

This was a most interesting visit. Yours truly was particularly impressed with the amount of hand fabrication of body, subframe and other parts that goes into the construction of one of these beasts. Then there was the polishing of parts, assembly of whole substructures (I never knew there were so many Corvette parts available), and details about their customers and their preferences.

Their customers don't like to suffer. All of the cars were getting power windows, door locks, and other goodies, including air conditioning and 350 - 450 cid (usually enlarged and breathed upon) engines were common choices. Thanks for the tour, Bucky and Leon. It was most enlightening!


This issue is being mailed early this month so I can inform you early of some interesting schedule changes and other information. On the 28th of March, we have a drive on Rt. 421 to Shady Valley scheduled. We'll assemble at the Virginia Welcome Center on I-81 at 1:00 PM and tour through some very pretty countryside. The club is creating these drives 'on the fly', so if you want to know about them, they will be listed on the club's web site or just come to the club meetings.

I have just recently been made aware of the All British Bluegrass Bash Car Show to be held on 4/30 through 5/2 in Lexington, KY. A flyer for this show is enclosed and now you have it in time to preregister and make reservations. Townsend is May 1. Their flyer is enclosed as well.

Also enclosed is information, though scant, about the Wings and Wheels '99 Fly-In and Car Show to be held on May 8 at the Morristown, TN Airport.

The Smoky Mountain Austin-Healey Club of Knoxville is staging a rally, gymkhana and funkhana at Lenoir City (see p. 2) on May 15.

There are plenty of things to do coming up. Why don't you take the time to write up an event that you've attended for this newsletter? The rest of us would love to know about what you did, who you saw, etc.