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The October 2002 Newsletter

September 12 Meeting Highlights
C. C. Goodson

The meeting was held Thursday, September 12. There were 21 members present. We welcome our newest member Phil Kern. The cars represented were: (4) MGB's, (1) XKE 2+2, (1) XK 140, (1) Austin Healy 3000, (1) XJS, (1) XJ6, (1) XK8, and (2) Miatas.

Dave Valentine presented an informative program on the activities of a recent high-speed driver training event at VIR experienced by the Porshe Club of Kingsport. His pictures depicted the beauty of the track and the cars that participated. If you are interested in this type driving school, contact Dave for more information.

Name Tags

Allen Calcote is desperately trying to find homes for the following name tags:

Ethan Allen Atkinson-Page IV

Linda Lee Atkinson-Page

Larry Schiffer

Judy Schiffer

Scott Bullock

Connie Bullock

Dennis Clark

Joe Drinnon

Carol Drinnon

Steve Hightower

Hartley Hyder

Cherylyn Hyder

He will once again bring them to the October meeting. If your name is on the list, please plan to attend the meeting and pick up your name tag.

Air-Show - Middlesboro, Ky

All members interested in attending the Middlesboro Fall Festival, October 5th, plan to meet at Rush Street Grill Saturday at 7:45 AM with a full tank of gas. We will leave promptly at 8:00 AM to meet Dick Williams atop Clinch Mountain for breakfast around 9:00 AM. Then it's on to the air-show to see plenty of World War II and other vintage craft including lots of T-6s. There will be plenty of food and fun, so everyone plan to go!

October Meeting

The October meeting will be produced by the members! The subject is "Neat Tools & Stuff." Each of you is encouraged to bring any type product, tool, or just an interesting time-saving tip that you will share with the club members. As we work on our cars throughout the years, we have all tried something that worked and many things that didn't. Got any creative uses for duct tape, bobbi pins, paper clips, chewing gum, etc.?

Multi-Club Picnic

Dick Williams once again cordially invites us to participate in the multi-club picnic Sunday, October 20 at the home of Dave and Darlene Britton on Cherokee Lake. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be furnished. Just bring a covered dish of your choice. After dinner, we will again travel to Mooresburg to visit Ron Bloomquist for a guided tour of his aircraft hanger and shop. Come about 11:00 AM.

Directions: From Kingsport, take 11W to 25E, turn South toward Morristown 2.5 miles to 375 S. Go approximately 2 miles to Oliver Estates. Turn onto Wildcat Road and look for the sign. From Johnson City, take 11E to 25E, go North 7 miles to 375 then 2 miles to Oliver Estates.

The 10th Annual GT Event
Al Bradley

The Appalachian British Car Society held its annual Get Together picnic event at Warrior's Path State Park on the 22nd of September 2002 for the express purpose of celebrating the 10th anniversary of our association. There was even a huge, beautifully decorated cake for the purpose, thanks to Gael Bright, our Vice President. Gael didn't make the cake, but he did make the arrangements!

There were 40 or so members and their families in attendance and lots of British cars in the parking lot. Hamburgers and hot dogs were provided by the club and very ably cooked under the most difficult of circumstances by Gael Bright, Robert Hall and Ken Hampton and a few other helpers.

The Club thanks these fellows and all others who assisted for their perseverance. There were some great salads, veggie dishes and desserts to be enjoyed supplied by the membership so that anyone who went away hungry just didn't try!

We were all very happy to see our good friend Dick Williams among those present. Dick has been ill for some time and has just sufficiently recovered to put up with us again as long as he doesn't do so for very long!

Among the other highlights of this event was the rain. It poured. We stayed more or less dry under our reserved shelter. It reminded some of us of one of the first GT events where there was no rain, but the wind blew enough cold air around that everyone was complaining of frostbite!

As usual, Dave Valentine presided over the annual auction of goodies which netted the club almost enough to pay for the cost of the event. Among the highlights of the auction was some spirited bidding for a tiny statuette of a Bugeye Sprite from Moss Motors. Our three resident Sprite owners were all determined to win it, but Ken Hampton won out in the end. Among the other items were spray bottles of Speed Shine from Griot's Garage, a nice book on MG's from Motorbooks and a very nice Lucas poster from Victoria British.

I think we all managed to enjoy ourselves and each other in what has come to an ABCS tradition over the years!

Words from John Steinbeck
From Greg Bowman through Robert Hall

"Al, bent over the wheel, kept shifting eyes from the road to the instrument panel, watching the ammeter needle, which jerked suspiciously, watching the oil gauge and the heat indicator. And his mind was cataloguing weak points about the car. He listened to the whine, which might be the rear end, dry; and he listened to tappets lifting and falling. He kept his hand on the gear lever, feeling the turning gears through it."

"Listen to the motor. Listen to the wheels. Listen with your ears and with your hands on the steering wheel; listen with the palm of your hand on the gearshift lever; listen with your feet on the floorboards. Listen to the pounding old jalopy with all your senses; for a change of tone, what a variation of rhythm might mean. That rattle - that's tappets. Don't hurt a bit. Tappets can rattle till Jesus comes again without no harm. But that thudding as the car moves along - can't hear that - just kind of feel it. Maybe oil isn't gettin' someplace. Maybe a bearing's startin' to go..."

The Grapes of Wrath

John Steinbeck

ABCS Officers & Committee Chairs for 2002

President: Robert Hall, 423-262-0402.

Vice-President: Gael Bright, 423-239-4247.

Secretary: Clarence (CC) Goodson, 423-928-2023

Treasurer: Al Bradley, 540-628-4763.

Newsletter: Jane Ogle, 423-282-5687.

Driving Events: Randall Thomas, 606-432-5153.

Programs: John Hanlin, 423-239-5603.

Webpage: Herren Floyd, 423-239-5455.

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