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The December 2002 Newsletter

Highlights of the November 14 Meeting
By C. C. Goodson

There were 17 members present. Herren Floyd presented the program by showing a video of the 1948 Alpine 2,000 mile Rally. The MG-TD rally team won two first place trophies in this endurance race.

The next meeting will be our annual Christmas party. Each member is encouraged to bring a $10 gift for our traditional gift exchange. Remember, you get an opportunity to take someone else's gift as the night progresses but on the flip side, someone can also take yours, so choose carefully when your number comes up. We have a great time, so please plan to attend.

The nominating committee presented the following slate of officers for 2003:

President: Gael Bright

Vice-President: Kenneth Hampton

Secretary: Open

Treasurer: Al Bradley

Drive Chairman: Open

Program Chairman: Allen Calcote

Newsletter Editor: Eddie Penland

If you are willing to serve your club in one of the open positions, contact Robert Hall. Officers will be elected at our next meeting.

Election of New Club Officers

New club officers for the year 2003 will be elected at the beginning of the December 12 meeting. Elected Officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Nominating Committee was appointed by our President and will present its slate of candidates at the November 14 meeting. Also any member may nominate another member or other members at the November or December meeting provided that they have indicated a willingness to serve as a club officer if elected. Volunteers are also welcome (including incumbent officers who are willing to serve another year), and their names will be added to the list of candidates.

The club also needs the services of the Programs, Driving Events, Newsletter, and Website Committees. These are appointed by the Elected Officers, and volunteers to serve on these committees are needed.

Christmas Invitation
By Robert and Apryl Hall

Robert and Apryl Hall invite you to come to their house on Saturday, December 14th at 6:00 PM. Please bring a dessert or finger food. They will provide the drinks. Children (and adults acting like children) are welcome!

This is a very informal gathering, so dress comfortably. Bring pictures of your cars, kids, etc., and be ready for a relaxing evening with friends and British cars.

RSVP by phone to (423) 262-0402 or e-mail to

Directions to the Halls's home:

From Knoxville: Take I-40 East to I-81 North to I-181. South

From I-181 South:
Take Exit 36 "State of Franklin".
Turn right at bottom of ramp.
Turn right on to Oakland at the first traffic light.
Drive about of a mile.
Turn right onto Bondwood Circle.
4th house on left - #3311.

From Greeneville:
Take 11E to Johnson City.
Left at first large intersection in Johnson City - State of Franklin (Taco Bell).
Left at third traffic light - Knob Creek Road (Fuddrucker's Restaurant).
Drive about mile - take the first right - Mountain View Road.
Drive about mile - left onto Bondwood Circle.
4th house on left - #3311.

For Sale

C. C. Goodson is selling his 1994 Jaguar XJS convertible. Black exterior with Fawn leather interior. All power. Excellent condition. 4.0 liter engine. Contact C. C. Goodson at (423) 928-2023 after 4:00 PM.

Funny Story
Submitted by Robert Hall

11 Jul 01 - here's an hilariously-funny (to me, at any rate) story, edited only slightly, from an Aussie who went to England in 1959 to work for a couple of years and, with a friend, bought a second-hand SS100, of about 1939 vintage (couldn't have been later!). The vehicle had the words Standard Swallow on various parts of the bodywork. There was a degree of wood rot in the timber in the body work, and as well some repairs were also required on the motor. They had partially stripped down the vehicle, including removing the passenger's seat and the floor under the passenger seat, leaving the gearbox, universal joint, and drive shaft exposed. The universal joint was fabricated from a number of circular sheets of canvas totaling about " thick. One Saturday afternoon, they and a buddy set off for local pub. The co-owner was in the drivers seat, and the other two of were squatting on the body struts that normally supported the floor. By sheer bad luck, our correspondent was the "piggy in the middle" so he was straddling the open universal joint and tail shaft. Everything went swimmingly for a while, but suddenly his trouser legs were caught by the universal joint and quickly wrapped around the tail shaft. Luckily, he was able to hold himself up by his hands, and the weak stitching in the old trousers finally gave way and his trousers were totally ripped off him and wrapped around the tail shaft. He nearly lost the family jewels and was left in just his underpants and shirt. They managed to extricate the trousers from the tail shaft and slowly made their way back home, having learnt from that to never drive without the gearbox tunnel cover on!

To read other funny stories by the same guy, access the following site:

Al Bradley (circa March, 2002)

Who among us ever forgets his or her first car? There are other firsts that stand out like your graduation, maybe your first real girlfriend or boyfriend or even your first kiss. In my case, at least, my first car is about the only "first" that I do remember.

In the Fall of 1967, I came to the realization that I would need a car when I returned to Lynchburg College. I would, after all, be doing student teaching and the high school where I would teach in Lynchburg was far enough removed from the college campus that I would require transportation. All I had to do was to convince my Father of this fact.

After working all through high school at a local radio station, I had saved the princely sum of $900 and needed my parents' permission to spend it, or so they lead me to believe. The Old Man proved surprisingly malleable when I discussed it with him, but let it be known that he wouldn't be responsible for any costs associated with this purchase --I had to do it all myself within my budget. Fair enough.

My older brother even came down from Roanoke for the great event and we looked at a few places that we knew of where good cars might be found here in Abingdon. I was unimpressed with the run of the mill Fords, Dodges and Chevies found everywhere in abundance. Although I knew these would be reliable cars, 'reliable' wasn't entirely what I was searching for.

We went to the local Ford dealership, where the used cars were kept separately in an old tobacco warehouse for some reason. It was there that I spotted a white car, smaller than the rest, which had a huge air of difference about it. It was a 1963 Triumph TR-4, that most memorable vehicle. The price tag said $600.


My brother disavowed any knowledge of the whole transaction then and there. He owned Fords all of his life, after all. I drove it out to show my Father and he took the sports car news very well. His friend Roy drove it and pronounced the car healthy and that was good enough for the Old Man. He gave a quiet OK to the biggest purchase of my young life.

I returned to Lynchburg, then accessed partly by I-81 and partly by Rt. 11 to Roanoke and then on route 460, a four-hour drive, ecstatically driving the new love of my life and enthusiastically enjoying the trip!


Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

All 50 states are listed across the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of a $5 bill.

Almonds are a member of the peach family.

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.

There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

ABCS Officers & Committee Chairs for 2002

President: Robert Hall, 423-262-0402.

Vice-President: Gael Bright, 423-239-4247.

Secretary: Clarence (CC) Goodson, 423-928-2023

Treasurer: Al Bradley, 540-628-4763.

Newsletter: Jane Ogle, 423-282-5687.

Driving Events: Randall Thomas, 606-432-5153.

Programs: John Hanlin, 423-239-5603.

Webpage: Herren Floyd, 423-239-5455.

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